12/11/2019 Nicola

Athora wins the DECAVI Innovation Award 2019

Life Insurance contracts accessible in Real-time.

Athora Belgium (former Generali Belgium) wins the LIFE INSURANCE Decavi’s Award 2019 for the best life innovation 2019.

The prize rewards Athora’s new mobile app for clients as they can now check the situation of their life insurance contracts in real time.

Athora’s customers now have a real-time view of their life products, both Branch 21 and Branch 23.

Since 2016, PREGIOTEK has been working together with Athora/Generali Belgium on their Innovation & Digitization roadmap.

We can say that this collaboration between Athora and Pregiotek has been quite successful: since 2016, Athora has already won 5 INNOVATION AWARDS!

PREGIOTEK has collaborated on the following AWARDED Projects:

  • 2017 – Reporting Life Tools for Contracts Branch 23 – Generali Route 23
  • 2018 – Generali Quick Quote Car
  • 2019 – Quick Quote Home
  • 2019 – Life Contract Consultation via MyBroker

In 2019 Athora Belgium (former Generali Belgium) goes further with Quick Quote Home: with a photo of a house, a broker can immediately calculate the value of the home and the price of a home insurance in less than 60 seconds.

Already in 2018, Quick Quote Car was launched — a car insurance system based on a photo of the vehicle.

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